Quarrntine challenge week

Attempting to wear all my clothes at once- since I have been staying with a friend the past two weeks this assignment had to be come with small fraction of my clothes. Everything I am wearing can fit into my small travel bag and are my go to objects when packing. In these photos I am attempting to walk up and down the stairs

A fort to impress my childhood self

Here’s A photo from the construction process

Making your own mask

A scene created with my clothes- since I had limited items with me I decided to create a sail boat during sunset

My favorite clothing article research. My red cowboy boots. – Boots for riding horses have been around for centuries, and until recently; before the Industrial Age all riding boots were made individually by hand and unique to the culture and time period in which they came. Modern cowboy boot styles are influenced by 16th century military boots designed for the cavalry originating from Spain. During the cattle drive era boots were able to become more widely produced and distributed and the boots were not solely for work and riding. Soon it was not uncommon for someone to own a pair for work and a pair for town and they begin to appear in fashion magazines in the the 1850’s and 60’s showcasing geometric patterning and detailing.

Re-creation of Portrait from the national Smithsonian gallery—- John Travolta by Douglass Kirkland and Irene castle by Baron Adolph de Meyer

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